Differences between a VPN and a Proxy

VPNs and proxies are a great help to avoid restrictions related to specific web services. Their most well-known feature is the one that allows you to change your IP address and access censored sites or SaaS at the same time. Nevertheless, you can imagine that there are several differences between the two types of solutions. […]

How an FDM 3D printer works

We are mainly referring to the technologies that exist behind FDM 3D printers here. Those are melt deposition (FDM), stereolithography, selective laser sintering, multi-jet modeling, etc. But what are the different machine types existing for the same technology and the operation of a 3D printer? Today, we are interested in FDM 3D printers: polar, cartesian, […]

Rumors about Apple iOS 13

Apple will hold just before the summer the WWDC 2019 and therefore the new edition of its conference dedicated to developers. As every year, the firm will take this opportunity to present new versions of its platforms, starting with the highly anticipated iOS 13. While the number 13 will undoubtedly scare the most superstitious of […]