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smartphone explosions in the US

With the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, we can’t help but wonder why and how some smartphone batteries explode. What are the risk factors? Good practices to adopt and bad practices to avoid at all costs? We will try to address this question.

First of all, let us be clear. Smartphones have always exploded. By this, we mean that, except in the case of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, which had a real design problem, and even if the other cases are still isolated instances, unfortunately, this is something that can happen. No smartphone is immune to a defective battery or a malfunction that can cause overheating and combustion.

This phenomenon, although, it must be acknowledged, does not affect a significant number of users, it is still dangerous. To get a clearer idea, we will explain why some batteries explode and how to prevent this risk.

Why do batteries explode?

To fully understand how to prevent the risk of a battery explosion, it is first necessary to know the reasons for such a reaction. If the cases are rare, it is because you have to combine several factors to cause the explosion, everything is not due only to the battery itself.

First, in most of the cases identified, there are two reasons for such an event: either the charger used is not the original, or the battery itself is not the original.

Another important point is that the lithium batteries in our devices suffer from what is called “thermal leakage.” Simply put, the battery exponentially heats until it explodes. 

Apple has paid the price several times, with the explosion of two iPhones in the Apple Stores, as well as an iPad.  But to counter this effect, manufacturers have put in place a system to avoid it. The battery, as soon as it is fully recharged, is supposed to stop accumulating energy and, therefore, stop heating up.

How to prevent explosions?

Therefore, it is better that you take some precautions yourself to avoid being caught by a fire in the middle of the night. It may seem restrictive when you have developed certain habits. We all make a lot of mistakes with our smartphone batteries without knowing it.

Most users charge their smartphone all night while sleeping peacefully, to make sure they have a smartphone that lasts all day. Here are some recommendations to keep the battery from exploding:

•    Don’t use a battery that isn’t from the manufacturer or a product approved by the brand in question.

•    When charging your phone, be sure to place it in a well-ventilated place.

•    Do not wait until the battery is at its lowest level to recharge your smartphone.

Now they’re almost experts at exploding batteries. When you follow these tips carefully, you won’t find yourself in a difficult situation. Otherwise, you won’t be lucky, and at this level, there’s nothing more we can do for you.

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