A lot of the focus about the improvements made in society because of technology will focus on the gadgets that we own. There is so much coverage for how our lives are better because we have laptops, smartphones and other technology. While such improvements are valid and interesting concepts to explore, they are not the only reason why technology is so helpful. It is very important to assess how technology and digital software can have an impact on education.

It is a factor that we explore in some detail on this site. We are passionate educators who also have a love for the tech industry. Technology is something that has fascinated us for our whole lives. We also love the feeling of educating a young person and showing them a new piece of information or skill they do not possess before. The intersection between these passions is what led to this website.

Through our full time and freelance writers, we will bring you the latest news about integrating technology with education. Schools around the world, universities and major companies are making great strides in integrating new hardware and software with the work that teachers are doing. And it is because of this work that people are able to learn in a more detailed and efficient way.

From e-learning to digital devices in the classroom, we will explore all the different angles of this topic. And you can be sure that if there is any headline or news story relevant to technology and education, you will read about it on our website. We want to bring you the latest news, while we also strive to create unique blog posts that provide valuable information.

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