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Anatomy 4D is one of the most interesting apps that has been released on iOS in the past few years. While it can be accessed on iPhones and iPads, it is best on the iPad with a larger screen. But what is Anatomy 4D and what does it offer?

Anatomy 4D is an application that makes it easier to understand the human anatomy. It is a tool that teachers can use to show students about various bones, muscle groups and organs in the body. It is much more interactive compared to any picture or 3D rendering of the human body, while it is perfect for the classroom.

Anatomy 4D Features

The best features that are present on the app include the fact that it works out of the box with no setup required. Simply open up the app after it is downloaded and it is ready to go. Now you can show students any part of the body that you want. And it is so seamless to switch from one view to another.

Teaching High School Anatomy

Say you are teaching a course on the anatomy of the human body. You have a textbook or pages that you printed out to show the class. And you have an iPad that you are using for teaching purposes.

You could take the iPad and use its camera to scan the picture of the human body that you are showing to the students. And that image will immediately be transformed into something that is detailed and in 4D on the application.

So you are able to show various angles of the body, getting incredible detail on the bones, veins, organs, muscle groups and more. You can then select what you want to show. For instance, you could show the skeleton in some detail. You could show organs in detail, or you could just show off all the veins and muscle groups that are present in the body.

Interactive Learning

Not only is it great for showing off a specific picture to students, but it can be used by them to work when they are away from the classroom. Say you are having a test in the coming days on the anatomy. A student can do the same thing that you did in the classroom on their own iPad that is provided by the school.

Now they are able to study details in a way that was not possible before. And these body images that come up in 4D are not only detailed, but they are also easy to manipulate. You can have them walk around or use touch controls to move the body to the angle that needs to be seen.

There is no better way for someone to learn about the human body, especially if they are taking a high school or college course. They will get details through this app that would have taken 20 or 30 pages worth of pictures to show!

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