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Instagram offers an easy way to see posts and stories from accounts you follow in timely order. This chronological view allows you to bypass the app’s algorithmic feed and view content as it’s shared. Read on to learn how activating chronological view helps you fully utilize Instagram.

Say Goodbye to the Algorithm

Instagram’s default feed relies on an algorithm to curate what you see. This AI evaluates your activity and selectively surfaces posts it thinks you’ll engage with most.

The goal is to keep you interested by showing more of what you like. But the downside is missing timely posts from people you follow.

Turning on chronological view displays posts and stories in real-time as shared. This gives you back control over what you see on Instagram.

Choose Timely Updates Over “Relevant” Suggestions

Here’s how to take charge of your Instagram feed:

  1. Tap the Instagram logo in the top left of your home screen.
  2. Select “Following” from the menu.

That’s it! Now when you open Instagram, posts and stories will be organized by recent activity rather than algorithmic ranking.

You’ll need to choose “Following” each time to maintain chronological view. But the extra click is worth it to stay on top of the latest updates from your connections.

More Ways to Improve Your Instagram Experience

A chronological feed helps you manage Instagram. But maximizing the platform takes a few other tips:

Keep Your Profile Fresh

Update your bio, profile photo, and highlights regularly. This shows you’re engaged with Instagram and reflects your most current interests.

Engage Thoughtfully

Comment on and like posts from others. This helps the algorithm show your account to more people. Just be sure to interact thoughtfully and avoid spammy activity.

Post Consistently

Share your own updates consistently, even starting small with stories. Staying active keeps your account relevant.

Follow Hashtags

Discover new accounts and trends by searching and following relevant hashtags. Engage with popular hashtag communities.

Review Settings

Configure notifications, security, accessibility features, and other options in Settings for the experience you want.

The key is optimizing Instagram for how you want to use it. Chronological view is a great start to avoid missing must-see updates.

Stay in control of your feed, connect authentically, and get the most from the platform. Instagram has so much to offer when you customize it to match your needs.

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